by Mr Joesc Tan

MR Tan with his long-trusted partner DR Chong Yit Khang developed a pet friendly formula that improves pet well-being and owners satisfaction. Their unique approached can be seen in every action and decision made, built on a strong culture of innovation, pet well being and excellence. The unique formulas are developed using research backed ingredients and time tested botanicals. These optimum synergy provides balanced formulas with therapeutic values to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Royal SPA

A magical product that speaks for itself in 10 minutes.

1Why pets get skin diseases ?
5 major causes are mites, Fungus, Bacterial, Allergy and environmental factor. Saintail shampoos aim to tackle the root cause and solve skin issues once and for all.
2Can human shampoo be used on pets ?
It is advisable to only use pet- friendly shampoo. Saintail are specially designed according to your pets skin PH to ensure a healthy coat.
3How to solve tick and flea issue ?
Commercial insecticide may cause harm to your pets and your family especially children. Saintail products used only therapeutic grade essential oil to give you and your family apiece of mind.
4How to get rid of strong odour on pets ?
The strong odour is caused by unhealthy secretion from the sebaceous gland. The therapeutic grade in saintail shampoo will regulate skin conditions and bring a long lasting fresh scent for your pet.
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