About Saintail

Pet Friendly Formula

Collaborating with experts from UK , Germany and Korea ,we have designed our products specifically for pets.


Each and every bottle of the shampoo was tested for its efficacy and purity. We treat our shampoo like how brewmaster treat their wines

Highest Grade Ingredients

Only ingredients that pass through our tough testing are allowed to be used. Our therapeutic grade essential oil and Eau de Parfum represent our standard of quality.

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Wilson W


A very satisfying product. Different from other cosmetic shampoos that Ive used. Smells pleasant, easy to use and no sticky or hardened leftovers. Provides a very soft natural glow on the fur. My pets love the smell and look forward to their next bath (surprisingly). Definitely a big fan of this product and the brand. Never fails to disappoint.

Alex T


Nice item, I enjoyed using it on my pet. my pet enjoyed being used on. it smells less like a pet shampoo and something that you don't mind having on your body after the ensuing carnage of washing a pet.

Dr Lim


As compared to other commercially available products, Saintail's BodyGuard had a higher efficacy with visible effect. I would recommend Saintail's Bodyguard to my other patients with skin conditions



Perfect for poor Lisa with fungus infection. I dont have to bring to the vet so often anymore. Thank you Saintail !



My customers are glad about the outcome. The coat is softer and brightens after using. Suitable for professional grooming needs.